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Program Details

Art Ambassadors Programs: Empowering Young Artists, Enriching Communities

The Art Ambassadors program targets art communities in high schools and colleges, including groups involved in art, dance, theatre, drama, photography, and music. Design+Peace aims to reach students at a young age who express themselves through art and enhance their journey while integrating the act of helping others into their daily lives.


1. Empowerment through Art:

Design+Peace seeks to empower young artists by providing them with a platform to showcase their talents and creativity.

2. Community Engagement:

The program aims to involve students in the community by encouraging them to use their art as a tool for social impact and awareness.

3. Partnerships:

Design+Peace collaborates with art communities to organize theatre, music, and show tours in post-disaster zones, aiming to uplift children and locals, giving them hope through artistic expression. The organization not only connects sponsors with these young communities but also empowers them to create their own shows and display their creativity through art that aligns with Design+Peace's core values.

4. Art as a Bridge:

Design+Peace serves as a bridge between post-disaster zones and the art community, empowering both sides through artistic expression and connection.

Program Components:

1. Artistic Performances:

Students showcase their talents through various artistic mediums, such as music, dance, theatre, and photography.

2. Community Outreach:

The program includes outreach activities in post-disaster zones, where students perform to uplift spirits and bring hope to affected communities.

3. Skill Development:

Design+Peace offers workshops and training sessions to help students enhance their artistic skills and develop their creativity.

4. Awareness Campaigns:

Through their performances and outreach efforts, students raise awareness about social issues and promote kindness and empathy.


The Art Ambassadors program has had a profound impact on both the students involved and the communities they reach. By empowering young artists and involving them in community service, Design+Peace has created a generation of socially conscious and empathetic individuals who use their talents to make a positive impact on the world around them.

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