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Feb 1, 2024

HOPE - Umut Kadınları

Hatay Expo Area, Turkey
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Project Details

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquakes in Hatay, Design+Peace has spearheaded a comprehensive initiative to rebuild not just structures but lives.  HOPE - Umut Kadınları broadens our mission to foster personal development for women and advance community enrichment. This initiative is dedicated to meeting the emotional and physical needs of children in distress.

The 'Birlikte Güzel' Space is being transformed into a nurturing hub that houses a sewing workshop, aimed at creating job opportunities for local women. The products crafted here are purposed to aid children in need, thus nurturing a cycle of communal solidarity and sustainable growth.

Project Overview

Phase One: HUB - Birlikte Güzel (Better Together)

We began our journey with "Birlikte Güzel" (Better Together), focusing on the revitalization of Hatay by constructing activity halls, playgrounds, and art corners within the Hatay Expo 2020 area. These spaces serve as communal hubs for healing, creativity, and learning.

Phase Two: HOPE - Umut Kadınları (Women of Hope)

Our 'Birlikte Güzel' Space is evolving into a center for empowerment, featuring a sewing workshop that provides employment opportunities for women in the region. These efforts not only create jobs but also produce essential goods for children in need, reinforcing a cycle of support and enduring community development.

In collaboration with Umutlar Yeşersin Community, our aim is to provide ongoing support for the women and children in need.

Empowering Women and Children Through Unity and Action

Sewing Workshop: Threads of Opportunity

Our 'Birlikte Güzel Space' is now home to a sewing workshop designed to provide employment to local women. The fruits of their labor directly support children in need, fostering a cycle of community support and sustainable development.

Commitment to Progress

The women of Hatay are taking significant strides in both personal growth and community development. Our initiatives are more than projects; they are promises of hope, sustainability, and a self-supporting community model.

Protecting Hatay's Heritage

As we aid in the physical reconstruction of Hatay, we are also guardians of its rich cultural heritage. The Umut Kadınları initiative is intertwined with the city's historical and cultural identity, ensuring that the soul of Hatay is not only preserved but also celebrated.

Timeline of Milestones

  • August 25, 2023: Launch of 'Birlikte Güzel'
  • January 25, 2024: Hatay Visit
  • February 1, 2024: Opening of Sewing Workshop
  • April 1, 2024: Expansion of Initiatives
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Your support fuels our mission. Be a part of the Umut Kadınları initiative, and help us weave a future where hope thrives in every corner of Hatay. Together, we can create a tapestry of resilience and peace.

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