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Antakya-Serinyol, Hatay/Turkey
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Project Details

The aim of this project is to introduce a natural, organic, wood-structured playground for children aged between 5-12 to support both physical and psychological development while boosting creativity.

About the PlayPark Project:

PlayPark is designed as a sustainable playground that allows children to use their sports apparel in an outdoor, natural setting while fostering an appreciation for natural materials in their daily lives. The key elements of this project include:

Use of Sustainable Materials:

Emphasizing the protection and reuse of nature by incorporating materials that are environmentally friendly and promote sustainability.

Promotion of Sensory Experiences:

Incorporating natural materials to engage children's senses, fostering a connection with nature and enhancing their sensory development.

Creation of Multifunctional Play Parks:

Designing spaces that help children regain their confidence and enhance their creativity through versatile and imaginative play structures.

These activities also support children in their recovery from trauma, providing a safe and nurturing environment to heal and grow.

Expected Outcomes:

Encourage Physical Activity, Wellbeing, and Community Engagement:

Promoting physical health, teamwork, and confidence through active play and community involvement.

Social Interaction:

Facilitating opportunities for kids to socialize with their peers in a natural play environment, enhancing their social skills and building friendships.

Creativity Enhancement:

Providing open-ended natural play structures that stimulate children's creativity and imaginative play.

Trauma Recovery:

Supporting children in their recovery from trauma by offering a safe space to play and socialize, aiding emotional and psychological healing.

Learning and Embracing Natural Materials:

Educating kids on the use of natural materials, encouraging them to incorporate these elements into their daily lives and fostering environmental awareness.

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